We are a Sydney based insulation partner, supplying quality insulation solutions for Industrial and Mechanical customers who need a reliable, experienced and professional partner.


While founded only in 2014, Insulshop has years of experience in the insulation industry. Our founder, an insulation contractor, started InsulShop to bring professionalism, care and a focus on the needs of the customer into the industry. Over the last five years, InsulShop has experienced considerable growth due to the growth of our repeat customer base and the reputation we have built.


We have an outstanding reputation and a proven track record of being a reliable partner with unquestionable integrity. We provide bespoke solutions, expertise and value. InsulShop continues to place the needs of our customers at the core of our innovative solutions, services and delivery.


InsulShop partners with companies across all industries, helping them to get the job done with quality insulation supplies that are easy to install. Our focus is on innovation and efficiency, so that our customers can achieve more, with less.

Case Studies

InsulShop has been significantly involved in the mechanical insulation on the Crown Casino Project at Barangaroo since early 2019.

To date, over 36,000 lineal metres of Flexicell Polyethylene has been installed on the project. Pipe insulation on all HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) infrastructure has been installed by Total Insulation of Victoria (Subcontracted by Fredon Mechanical). Pipe insulation on reticulated heating water pipes has been installed by System Industries of Sydney (Subcontracted by Axis Plumbing Services). InsulShop has done over 100 deliveries to this site; big or small we have been able to meet the needs of our customers (and the traffic controllers).

It has been a privilege for InsulShop to be involved in such a major keystone Sydney project and we hope to see Flexicell Polyethylene on many more.

During his installation of the Wild Hibiscus Distillery, Dave contacted InsulShop for help with insulation of the equipment. As a chemical engineer, his primary objectives were energy conservation and optimising the distillation process. The amount of insulation required was not enormous for the relatively small stills. However, his needs were unique, and Dave was seeking expert advice on how best to proceed.

The distillation stills are complex, having many attached lines, valves and vessels. The project was not as simple as first envisaged. During the project, InsulShop were able to provide technical support on the best materials for the application and how to install them.

“Wild Hibiscus Distillery is a new venture by The Wild Hibiscus Flower Company in support of their recent and widely acclaimed Gingle Bells product. The Insulshop team has saved me in the long-term as they were able to recommend the best materials to help conserve energy. They were also fantastic in helping me with installation tips, especially with the “petaling” method for covering small 2:1 ellipsoidal dished ends (i.e. vs expensive preformed insulation pieces)”. Dave, Wild Hibiscus Distillery, Distillation Engineer.

When a Passive Fire company approached Insulshop with a need for a bespoke insulation solution, their needs were very specific. They required customised dimensions that was not available and the product options available were all plain with no company branding. With tested fire systems, traceability of insulation materials is crucial; however, many products do not have branding or marking on the outside, making compliance checks difficult.

InsulShop produced PROMASEAL® SupaWrap 40, a bespoke Rockwool blanket to our specific dimensions and it is branded with our company name making compliance checks much more efficient and providing our customers with the assurance that they are receiving the highest quality of insulation.

“Working with InsulShop was so easy. They listened to us and came up with solutions that work for our company and work for our customers. They are one of our trusted business partners”. Promat, Manufacturer of passive fire products

TPN Insulation approached InsulShop after winning a large insulation project at a data centre in Canberra. This project required sizeable bespoke insulation sizes (over 400mm in diameter), as well as the prefabrication of numerous pre-cut parts to minimise production labour on site.

Due to our strong relationship with manufacturers, we were able to source the materials very quickly. InsulShop had the equipment, experience and expertise to cut the bespoke insulation products with a high degree of accuracy and using our network of various freight providers, we delivered the product to Canberra quickly and were able to fulfil all orders promptly. Supplying the pre-cut sizes and all the technical data, enabled TPN Insulation to install the insulation with ease and speed.

“InsulShop’s ability to supply these products coupled with the capability of fast delivery times to Canberra made them the perfect partner for this job. We have used them many times and always find them to be a reliable partner”. Nathan, TPN Insulation

When On Time Insulation secured a large mechanical insulation project at Westfield in Tuggerah on New South Wales’ Central Coast, they were faced with a design challenge. The project consisted of a mixture of plain foil and metal clad insulation. The metal cladding to be installed was Cottage Green® Colorbond and On Time Insulation’s customer was worried about the stark colour contrast where the plain silver foil would meet the metal.

Through InsulShop’s ongoing collaboration with Ametalin (a leading Australian Foil Manufacturer), they were able to offer On Time Insulation an aesthetic solution. InsulShop supplied the job with Cottage Green® coloured foil facing on the insulation to ensure a seamless link with the Colorbond® metal installed on the project.

“InsulShop provided us with a unique solution that afforded us with a competitive edge on the project. Their solution allowed us to present our client with solution with was out of the square. The coloured foil solution ended up being far more cost effective than additional metal sheathing”.

InsulShop was engaged by a NSW customer to provide bespoke large size rockwool pipe section and ready fit bends for a key infrastructure project in Sydney. Unique insulation thicknesses and a compressed timeline called for a creative solution!

Due to the large quantity of rockwool, early supply of the pipe section on the project was cut from solid rockwool block using fast wire technology. Additional product supply requirements (time allowing) were met through importation of rockwool product from our Manufacturing partner in Jakarta, Indonesia. Rockwool, although great for high temperatures (up to 650 °C), can be quite brittle in nature. Making bends and other parts from the material can be quite challenging due to the easy fragmentation of fibres during cutting and manipulation. InsulShop grabbed this challenge with both hands and worked with manufacturer to produce ready fit bends using a high compression mould. These bends were then foil faced ensuring a strong vapour seal on the pipework.