Acoustic Pipe Wrap

– Convoluted foam with a vinyl loaded barrier

– Easy to modify on site.

– For use on drainpipes, in plantrooms and on ductwork.

– Packaged in manageable rolls

Pyrotek Soundlag 4525 is a composite acoustic barrier that finds its use in a wide variety of applications; from drainpipes and ductwork, to fan housings, fan cool units and valves. It is widely used in commercial, domestic, industrial buildings.
The soft convoluted inner foam breaks the vibrations, and together with the dense but flexible vinyl layer deliver excellent sound reduction. The external foil facing protects the wrap, provides a fire-resistant layer and is has a high surface energy, ideal to stick tape to.
Thanks to the flexible and soft characteristics of the material and the size of the rolls, it is small enough to handle, easy to modify and quick to install.