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Trafalgar FyreWrap Access Panels – Bulk Shipment

Here at InsulShop we recently received our first bulk shipment of Trafalgar FyreWrap Access Panels to complement the rest of our Trafalgar Fyre range! While our core business remains insulation focused, we continue to expand our product offering to suit the ever-evolving needs of our customers.

FyreWrap Access Panels are designed for installation on ductwork protected by FyreWRAP. The panels form part of a tested system that provides a fire rating as well as ensuring access to the duct for future inspections, service and repair.

Fyrewrap Access Panels come in 4 sizes, suited for application over the top of conventional access panel sizes. Bespoke sizes can also be produced as required.

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Molly Taylor – Kincrome SXS Motorsport Australia Championship

Recently, InsulShop had the opportunity to sponsor Professional Rally Driver, Molly Taylor in one of her many race events. Molly is Australia’s youngest and first female rally champion.

Not only is she a star on the track, but Molly also has several achievements off the track. Molly recently competed in Australia’s first SAS Australia challenge. She is also a Subaru brand ambassador, FoxSports panelist, pitlane reporter for TCR Australia and ambassador for several community events and charities. The list goes on!

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The Benefits of Prefabrication

Since the inception of InsulShop in 2014, we have witnessed a shift in the way building services are designed and installed on large scale projects. Technological advances in the construction sector have allowed for a wave of construction works that focus on the prefabrication of building elements off-site, moving a greater proportion of work into a factory environment.

This is a growing trend and is particularly prevalent when it comes to pipe and ductwork.

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Poly – What now? Advice for choosing the right insulation for your next project.

With the wide range of insulation materials available, it can be tiresome determining which material is best suited in which application. InsulShop is here to help!

For this article, we venture into the petrochemical insulation materials used very frequently in the mechanical market: Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE). So, what are the differences and where do each of them find their optimal application?

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Join InsulShop and Support WIRES

As part of InsulShop’s commitment to assist after the devestating bushfires, we donated to WIRES to support the wildlife who were affected. WIRES do excellent work supporting and caring for the animals in the aftermath of the fires and will continue to do so for many months to come.

Although majority of the bushfires have now been contained, there is still a long road ahead to recovery. Every dollar helps towards aiding the wounded and rebuilding habitats, so if you would also like to support this wonderful cause, use this link and donate now.

Coloured Foils

The Benefits of Coloured Foils

Traditionally, insulation covers have always been silver due to the aluminium layer of the foil. Somewhere along the way, the market has accepted this as the norm; however, silver foil might be a thing of the past.

Foil, in one way or another, is required on most insulation products. It provides an essential vapour seal, a neat finish and a clean surface to tape on to (which is especially important for the fibrous materials).

So, we can see that foil is needed, but does it need to be in the format we have all come to expect?

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