Rockwool Pipe Section

– For High temperature pipe applications and passive fire protection applications

– Fibrous material with HD foil facing

– Non-combustible material, with a high melting point.

– Easy to install pre-formed pipe sections.

For any high temperature applications up to 650 degrees Celsius, the most appropriate product is Tombo Mighty CoverĀ® rockwool. This mineral fibre-based insulation with a density of 120kg/m3 has a good insulation value (k-value) of 0.034 W/mK. But the most important feature is its non-combustibility and high operating and melting temperature. This makes it also suitable to be used for passive fire protections, such as wall penetrations. The material is foil faced with an HD foil and comes in a pre-slit 1 metre length.
Note of caution: When handling and processing Rockwool, the dust and fibres that get released are mild irritants to skin, eyes and the respiratory system. Make sure you wear the appropriate safety equipment.